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Uncork Your Mind

Debbie Gioquindo, CSW, WLS the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess takes the intimidation out of wine. This is a monthly podcast where I will speak with people in the wine industry, authors, and bloggers to education you on wine.

Mar 12, 2022


Zweigelt is not a grape name you hear often, let alone are familiar with. It’s a grape I always wondered about. I knew of its Austrian roots and for the first time tasted a Zweigelt from the Finger Lakes not to long ago. But still, knowing a bit about grapes, I knew Zweigelt’s home is in Austria.

For the final episode in Season 2 of Winephabet Street, Lori and I chose Zweigelt to learn about. Lori reached out to Christina Artner-Netzl of Winery Franz & Christine Netzl in Austria. She grows Zweigelt and produces some great wines featuring the Zweigelt grape.

Watch or listen to the webinar and learn about the Zweigelt, especially the Zweigelt planted in Carnuntum and how special it is.

We had the opportunity to taste two Zweigelts and here are the tasting notes as we tasted. I will tell you I am really liking the grape!

Netzl Ried Haidacker Zweigelt 2016 - Aromas of blackberry and black cherry lead to a palate of soft tannins, black cherry and nice spice on the finish. It is a little heavier on the palate than the below 2019.

Netzl Rubin Carnuntum Zweigelt 2019 - Aromas of red fruit in particular fresh raspberry showing that lead to a palate that has soft tannins, juicy plum, raspberry fam, hit of chocolate and a burst of white pepper on the finish.


Listen to the webinar and feel free to reach out with any quetions.