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Uncork Your Mind

Debbie Gioquindo, CSW, WLS the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess takes the intimidation out of wine. This is a monthly podcast where I will speak with people in the wine industry, authors, and bloggers to education you on wine.

Apr 7, 2020

What’s your wine unicorn? That was the question proposed by Lori Budd of Dracaena Wines. She runs a monthly online get-together called Wine Writer’s Wrap-up where we discuss different topics. I was in, but I had no idea what a wine unicorn was?

Upon further explanation, she told me it was a wine you are dying to...

Apr 2, 2020

While so much has changed these days, so has the wine programs I was supposed to attend. Obviously canceled. BUT we get creative in the wine industry, and the wine programs come to you. Instead of me going to a seminar and interviewing someone, I can record the seminar I attend and bring it to you.

This seminar was...

Mar 27, 2020

Last Monday I held a Sparkling Wines of the World seminar over Zoom. It seems to be the thing these days for get-togethers. I wasn’t sure how many people, if any would even show up. When I go in front of people, I tend to get a little nervous. Nervous I am going to leave something out, but if you run into me on the...

Mar 17, 2020

I met Emanuela Gianfreda at the Slow Wine World Tour at Eataly last month. She is fifth generation and along with her sister Dalila, they are Antica Masseria Jorche. While Dalila runs the business side, Emanuela followed the path of her father is the enologist behind the wines.

Located in Salento, which is the heal...

Dec 3, 2019

Welcome to Winephabet Street Season 2 Episode 2 B is for Barbera


Winephabet Street is a monthly series where Lori Budd of Draceana Wines and I work our way through the alphabet exploring wine and wine regions one letter at a time. The show is live on the third Monday at 8pm and is free, but you must register to...