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Uncork Your Mind

Debbie Gioquindo, CSW, WLS the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess takes the intimidation out of wine. This is a monthly podcast where I will speak with people in the wine industry, authors, and bloggers to education you on wine.

Oct 20, 2013

What happens when you have two people with two different backgrounds, each having different AHA moments in wine unite? You get Protocol Wine Studio, showing today's true wine culture.

Meet Tina and Eric (Guy).  Tina, a pastry chef  had a thriving wedding cake company. Goes to a wine dinner at The Herbfarm in...

Oct 8, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Lou Caracciolo of Amalthea Cellars located in Atco, New Jersey.  In this podcast you will get a little introduction to New Jersey wines, a little history on the region, the different AVA's and the style of wine that Lou crafts.

There are approximately 50 wineries in New...